Infrared: Beyond the Visible

The answers to some of the universe's greatest mysteries are being beamed through the night sky in light we can't see with human eyes...but it won't be invisible to us forever. "Infrared: Beyond the Visible" explores the wonder of infrared astronomy and the promise of the upcoming Webb Space Telescope. Get a sense of the sights Webb will capture, with its Hubble-sharp vision and ability to reach into the farthest depths of space and time. Infant galaxies! Just-forming planets! Cosmic space storks! (Editor's Note: Please note that cosmic space storks are probably metaphorical.) Squirrels! (Editor's Note: Squirrels, while real, are still unlikely to be observed by the Webb Space Telescope.) Join us on our journey of discovery, and when you're done, see the links below for more on the infrared universe.

More About Webb

Delve deeper into the science and technology of the Webb Space Telescope. Check out some of these other links specifically devoted to Webb.

Science on the Edge

Learn more about the science that awaits the launch of the Webb Space Telescope.

Technology at the Extremes

Find out how Webb works, and how it meets the challenges of its immense size and distant orbit.

Behind the Webb

This video podcast gives a behind-the-scenes look at the people and places involved in building the Webb Telescope.

James Webb Space Telescope site (Goddard Space Flight Center)

See Webb telescope developments for yourself on Goddard's clean room "Webb-cam," get pictures, and learn more about the science and technology.

Webb Telescope on Facebook

Follow Webb on Facebook, and share images and news updates.

Webb Telescope on Twitter

Get Webb-related tweets on news updates, images, and more.

Infrared Astronomy's Must-See Stops

Webb's discoveries will build on the work of other groundbreaking missions. Here are some of the best resources on the web for infrared astronomy.

The Spitzer Space Telescope has created one of the most thorough and entertaining sites on infrared astronomy at its Cool Cosmos' Infrared Astronomy page.

Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC): News, images and events for a number of past and ongoing infrared missions, including Spitzer, Herschel and the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE).

IPAC Gallery: Images from seven missions provide a window into the infrared universe.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS)

Infrared is just one part of the range of electromagnetic waves that make up the full spectrum of radiation in the universe. Learn more about infrared and the EMS with these links.

NASA's Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum: Find out what an electromagnetic wave is, how it behaves and the characteristics of the different types.

NOVA's Electromagnetic Spectrum Tour: A quick primer on the EMS and how it works.

Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum: Science@NASA offers this series of videos that explains each part of the electromagnetic spectrum, including a comprehensive feature on infrared light.