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January 5, 2015 05:15 PM (EST)

News Release Number: STScI-2015-02

Hubble's High-Definition Panoramic View of the Andromeda Galaxy

Technical facts about this news release:

About the Object
Object Name: M31, Andromeda Galaxy, NGC 224
Object Description: Spiral Galaxy
Position (J2000): R.A. 00h 42m
Dec. +41° 15'
Constellation: Andromeda
Distance: 2.5 million light-years (0.8 megaparsecs)
About the Data
Data Description: Data of M31 were obtained from the HST PHAT Treasury proposals: P.I. J. Dalcanton (University of Washington) et al. 12055, 12056, 12057, 12058, 12059, 12070, 12071, 12072, 12073, 12074, 12075, 12076, 12105, 12106, 12107, 12108, 12109, 12110, 12111, 12112, 12113, 12114, 12115
Instrument: ACS
Exposure Date(s): July 2010 - October 2013
Exposure Time:
394 hours (16.1 days)
Filters: F475W (g) and F814W (I)
About the Release
Credit: NASA, ESA, J. Dalcanton, B.F. Williams, and L.C. Johnson (University of Washington), the PHAT team, and R. Gendler
Release Date: January 5, 2015
Colors: These images are composites of separate exposures acquired by the ACS instrument on the Hubble Space Telescope. Several filters were used to sample broad wavelength ranges. The color results from assigning different hues (colors) to each monochromatic (grayscale) image associated with an individual filter. In this case, the assigned colors are:
F475W (g) blue
F814W (I) yellow
Orientation/Scale: Compass and Scale Image of PHAT Mosaic