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January 13, 1994 12:00 AM (EST)

News Release Number: STScI-1994-05

Hubble Space Telescope Images of a Bright Star in the Large Magellanic Cloud

An Early Release Observation Release / An American Astronomical Society Meeting Release

January 13, 1994: These three images are of a very bright (Wolf-Rayet) star, Melnick 34, located in the giant star-forming region called 30 Doradus in the Large Magellanic Cloud. In the background are a number of fainter stars that are comparable in brightness to our Sun.

A ground-based telescope captured the image at left. Hubble's first-generation visible-light camera, the Wide Field and Planetary Camera, snapped the center picture before the telescope's blurred vision was corrected. The image at right was taken by Hubble's new visible-light camera, the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2, which is equipped with a corrective optics system. In this new image the star appears sharper, and a larger number of fainter stars are visible.

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Credit: STScI and NASA