Get Involved

Get Involved!

Volunteer your time. Participate in contests. Interact with the astronomical community.

Love our celestial images and the science behind 'em? Get involved! Explore these opportunities to collaborate with experts, contribute your time and talents, or just have fun.

Have a new project idea? Share it with us.

  • Hubble Hangouts Live talks each month! Present your questions or comments, or just watch. We have a lot of great hangouts planned, all designed to get you involved in Hubble research! We hope to see you there! Hubble Hangouts
  • Citizen Science Join forces with professional astronomers to make new discoveries and better understand our universe. Through the projects listed here, you can volunteer your time to help analyze astronomical data collected by NASA space observatories and stored in the Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST). Citizen Science
  • Hubble Image Processors If you are a photography and/or science enthusiast, try uncovering your own gems in the Hubble archive! Here you'll find guides, tools and conversations for pro and amateur astronomical image processors. Hubble Image Processors
  • MyStarStellar lifecycle game Create different types of stars in different parts of the galaxy and watch them develop at a million years per minute. You can even add planets or try to develop life. MyStar is based on our current scientific understanding of the cosmos. MyStar
  • Hubble Heritage Creative Challenge What do you see in Hubble images? Try our monthly Creative Challenge on Facebook. Creative Challenge on Facebook
  • Hubble HeritageEngage your senses Hubble Heritage finds and releases visually appealing images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. The project has been recognized for its contribution to public inspiration in producing some of the most aesthetically pleasing images ever produced in astronomy. Hubble Heritage website