Galaxy ESO 510-G13

Natural Color  

UV, visible, IR light
Black-and-White Images Taken of Filtered Light  

ESO - b/wESO - b/wESO - b/w

Colors Assigned to Black-and-White Images  

ESO - blueESO - greenESO - red

Final Image After Combining the Colored Images  

ESO - full color

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Natural Color:
Galaxy ESO 510-G13

We constructed this image of the galaxy ESO 510-G13 from three different black-and-white images representing red light, green light, and blue light from the galaxy. The colors assigned to each of these images were chosen to simulate the actual colors of the galaxy.

Much of the galaxy appears whitish because it contains stars of many different colors, which combine to create a white appearance in the final image.

However, near the dark band of dusty gas slicing through the middle of this galaxy, the starlight appears redder because the dusty gas blocks blue light more effectively than red light.

This effect is even clearer in the individual black-and-white images. Note that the dust band appears darkest in the leftmost black-and-white image, which was taken through a blue filter.

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