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Hubble Interacting Galaxy UGC 12812 Hubble Interacting Galaxy VV 283 Hubble Interacting Galaxy VV 705 Hubble's Sweeping View of the Coma Cluster of Galaxies Spiral Galaxy in the Coma Cluster, Part of a Larger Hubble Image Varied Galaxy Types in the Coma Cluster, a Section of a Larger, Detailed Hubble Image Lenticular Galaxy in the Coma Cluster with Numerous Background  Galaxies, a Detail of a Larger Hubble Image Hubble ACS image of NGC 1275 NGC 1275 (Perseus A) Multi-wavelength Composite Barred Spiral Galaxy COSMOS 3127341 Barred Spiral Galaxy COSMOS 1705033 Barred Spiral Galaxy COSMOS 1161898 Barred Spiral Galaxy COSMOS 2607238 Virgo Cluster Galaxy NGC 4660 Virgo Cluster Galaxy NGC 4458 Virgo Cluster Galaxy IC 3506 Virgo Cluster Galaxy VCC 1993 Hubble ACS Image of Elliptical Galaxy M87 Hubble ACS Image of 100 Virgo Cluster Galaxies Star Cluster NGC 2074 in the Large Magellanic Cloud Hubble and Chandra Composite of the Galaxy Cluster MACS J0025.4-1222 Overlapping Galaxies 2MASX J00482185-2507365 ANGST Survey Galaxy - NGC 253 ANGST Survey Galaxy - NGC 300 ANGST Survey Galaxy - NGC 3077 ANGST Survey Galaxy - NGC 4163 Hubble Resolves Swarms of Stars in Nearby Galaxy Detail of NGC 300 - Nucleus Detail of NGC 300 - Star Formation in Spiral Arms Detail of NGC 300 - Star Formation in Outer Spiral Arms NGC 253 from the ANGST Survey Interacting Galaxies Arp 147 Starburst Galaxy NGC 1569 Large-Field Hubble Image of Starburst Galaxy NGC 1569 Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1313 - HST Hubble Illuminates Cluster of Diverse Galaxies A String of 'Cosmic Pearls' Surrounds an Exploding Star Hubble Sees 'Comet Galaxy' Being Ripped Apart By Galaxy Cluster Hubble’s View of Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1672 A String of 'Cosmic Pearls' Surrounds an Exploding Star Looking 'Underneath' Quasar HE0450-2958 Hubble Finds Dark Matter Ring in Galaxy Cluster Searching for Dark Matter in a Galaxy Cluster Cartwheel Galaxy Hubble Photographs Grand Design Spiral Galaxy M81 Spiral Galaxy M81 Details 1 Spiral Galaxy M81 Details 2 Spiral Galaxy M81 Details 3 Spiral Galaxy M81 Details 4 Spiral Galaxy M81 Details 5 Spiral Galaxy M81 Details 6 Spiral Galaxy M81 Details 7 Hubble/GALEX/Spitzer Composite Image of M81 Stellar Fireworks Are Ablaze in Galaxy NGC 4449 Hubble Finds Mature Galaxy Masquerading as Toddler Youthful-looking Galaxy May Be an Adult Interacting Galaxy Pair Arp 87 3C 321: Galaxy Fires at Neighboring Galaxy Quasar MC2 1635+119 and Host Galaxy Quasar MC2 1635+119 Quasar MC2 1635+119 (Enhanced) Spiral Galaxy M74 Hubble Snaps Images of a Pinwheel-Shaped Galaxy Full ACS Field of NGC 1309

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