Bring the marvels of the universe to your classroom or audience. Our sister sites provide a multitude of resources for use in schools, museums, science centers and planetariums.

AMAZING SPACE resources for teachers and students

Online Explorations: Web-based activities that tackle topics from comets to black holes. Construct a galaxy, plan a NASA mission, learn the history of the telescope, and more.

The Star Witness News: This newspaper brings you the latest from the Hubble Space Telescope with easy-to-understand language, graphics and illustrations.

Teaching Tools: A complete listing of all Amazing Space's activities, along with descriptions, related materials, and directions for using them in the classroom.

The Amazing Space Web site draws on revelations from the Hubble Space Telescope to create materials and online products that teachers can use to reach students in grades K-12. Students can use the site to research homework assignments, project ideas and more.


Exhibit coordinators: Transform a corner of your exhibit hall into an ever-changing kaleidoscope of astronomy presentations. Learn about our internet-fed, self-updating exhibit, ViewSpace.

Find more Hubble-themed exhibits, multimedia presentations (ViewSpace), video, images, film and expertise for museums, planetariums, science centers or similar venues on HubbleSource.

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Journey to the far reaches of the universe at your local science museum or planetarium. Watch current visions of space and cutting-edge info about celestial discoveries. Find a ViewSpace location in your area.