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with Frank Summers

An astrophysicist describes interesting developments in the field of astronomy, addresses questions and misconceptions about the cosmos, and hosts videos explaining recent discoveries and images from the Hubble Space telescope.
Image frontier fields
Frontier Fields
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Hubble is engaged in an ambitious effort to gaze further than ever before by harnessing the power of massive clusters of galaxies. Find out more on this blog
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Deep Astronomy
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with Tony Darnell

A veteran video blogger (and die-hard space fan) explores topics and discusses questions about cosmology, the Big Bang, life in the universe and much more. Watch this video blog on your computer or mobile device
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Hubble is following Comet ISON on its journey toward the Sun. Keep up with the comet in this blog
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Speaking of Hubble
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Join the astronomers who bring you the science of the Hubble Space Telescope as they share the experience of daily life in the scientific workplace and their thoughts on the mysteries of the universe, the way astronomy changes and enriches our lives, and Hubble's impact on our understanding of the cosmos